A famous Jewish rabbis portraits classic Jerusalem paintings


Artist Youlia exhibits  realistic pictures of  famous Jewish rabbis portraits and original Jerusalem oil paintings NOT FOR SALE


  Artist Youlia was born in Saint-Petersburg. She has  graduated from the St.-Petersburg University. Youlia is painting  top quality realistic portrait paintings that are highly appreciated by the chief Jerusalem rabbis. At this exhibition, besides Jewish rabbis portraits, we want to show also some of the examples of artist's Jerusalem landscape classic paintings and the pictures of everyday Jewish life. The classic  portraits of the famous Jewish Rabbis painted by Youlia  are considered to be one of the best .


Photo of the artist 

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 oil painting "portrait of Rabbi  Chofetz  Chaim "

oil painting "portrait of Jewish rabbi Baba Saly "

 painting "portrait of Jewish  Rabbi Kanevsky "

oil painting "portrait of rabbi Shah " 


realistic oil painting "Summer garden in Petersburg"

oil painting "market place in Geula district of Jerusalem"

oil painting "landscape Ein-Karem in Jerusalem" Israel

Please notice: Artist Youlia is painting classic original Jerusalem oil paintings of famous Jewish rabbis , realistic portraits from photos ,rabbi pictures, views of Jerusalem  NOT FOR SALE !

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Contacts: Artist Youlia e-mail:<youlia1art@gmail.com>